We want to make happiness fashionable

This is our main objective.

And to achieve this, we want to help people see life in a positive way, so that they are happier.

Having this in mind, we design our collections so that they help those who wear them not to forget to face each day with courage, in a positive way, knowing that they can achieve whatever they set out to do.

Happiness, feeling happy is mainly a state of mind, but sometimes we need something to remind us that we want to be happy to achieve it. Caressing TIQÜE products between your fingers will remind you that you must fight for what you want and they will give you the positive boost you need in those moments of weakness.

We also want happy people to make other people happier and those to others, in an endless chain.

To give away a TIQÜE jewel is to give away more than a jewel, it is to give away the best wish: «I wish you to be happy», you can’t give away anything better.

And you, do you want to be happy?

Can you help us make happiness fashionable?

Start by smiling

TIQÜE: Why this name?

When we were looking for a name for our brand, we wanted it to be totally linked to the very essence of the company and its objective.

And we found out a word that defines us perfectly: TIQUE (without umlaut)

According to Greek mythology TIQUE is the goddess of luck, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and that she decides our destiny based on the behaviour of each one. That is the perfect name for our brand.

But we wanted to change the word a bit and we decided to add an umlaut to the «U», which we also shortened, transforming the «U» into a smile, adding a spark of optimism and linking it only to good fortune.

The smile had to be part of our brand.  

If you want to know more about the goddess Tique you can access directly, by clicking on the link, to the page of Wikipedia.